Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Psalm 42-43 - "Laments That Repeats the Sounding Joy"

Advent Midweek
Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tomorrow night is the longest night,
The winter solstice,
Thirteen hours of darkness.
On this eve of the winter solstice,
Perhaps you’re in the middle of trouble and dark—
Your life feels like the longest night.
People tell you,
“Stop being so glum; it’s Christmas!
But having a positive attitude,
trying for that Christmas spirit,
can’t chase away your darkness.

This sermon is a compilation of poetry that reflects the teaching and thoughts behind Psalm 42-43. Because of the formatting, I have posted the sermon using Google's Docs and Spreadsheets function. You can view the sermon by clicking here.

Compilation by Pastor Benjamin C. Squires. © 2006
All text in handwriting font by Pastor Benjamin C. Squires. © 2006

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